October 6, 2016 General

Besides us, change is one thing you can always count on. At TGC we have undergone some changes of our own recently. We’re still the same friendly, high quality firm you’ve always known,  we just got a fresh look. We’ve updated our logo, email addresses, website, branding, and some internal processes. Our new email addresses are @tgccpa.ca. Feel free to peruse our new website, but in the meantime, here are six fun facts you might not know about TGC:

1. We’re 20 people strong. When the firm was established in 1994, we started with a partner and a receptionist. Since then, we have been on a path of growth and evolution, bringing our team to 20 today!

2. Learning is our thing. We believe that if you’re not learning you’re not getting better. In addition to updating our technical knowledge every year, we have a number of people on our team with Masters of Accounting degrees, other professional designations, and even one pursuing a PhD in Accounting. 

3. We do so much more than tax and audit. Our entire goal is to partner with each of our clients to help them grow their businesses and / or maximize their wealth.  Whatever our clients need, we try and help them. Some of the things we’ve done this past year include human resource services (employee engagement analysis, performance review systems, employee manuals and policies), transfer of personal assets to holding companies, amalgamations, corporate wind ups, cash flow analysis and forecasts, and due diligence work to help clients buy into or out of businesses.

4. We listen. Exceptional client service is the name of our game. We always take the time to listen to the needs of our clients in order to offer personalized and viable plans. That extends to our internal team too. Each year as an office, we evaluate our successes during the year and determine what we can improve. All team members have the opportunity to join internal task forces to help improve our business.

5. High quality is a must. We appreciate we are dealing with sensitive, important aspects of our clients’ lives. Everything that leaves our office is at least checked twice so we always make sure we can stand behind our work. In our two most recent practice inspections, TGC has been told by our governing body that our work is among the top in the industry. We have even been asked to be practice inspectors ourselves!

6. We are now CPA’s [Chartered Professional Accountants]. All the accounting professions (CA’s, CMA’s, CGA’s) have merged into one professional body, so now we all fit under the “Chartered Professional Accountants” umbrella.